Business clients we know that this is a busy time for you, and staying on top of your due dates is a key task. We have prepared a list of upcoming due dates and will continue to update our website, Facebook and Linkedin pages so you have a heads up!

Payroll Deposits

Semi-weekly payers with payroll this Wed-Fri, your payroll deposits are due Tuesday 07/12/16
Monthly depositors – due 07/15/16
Quarterly depositors – due 07/15/16

Payroll Tax Forms:

Form 941/944 – due 07/30/16
FL RT6 – due 08/01/16

Sales Tax Forms

Monthly filers by mail – due 07/20/16
Monthly filers e-file – due 07/19/16
Quarterly filers by mail – due 07/20/16
Quarterly filers by e-file – due 07/19/16

Be sure to mark your calendars and stay on top of your filing dates. If you need help filing your forms, please give us a call at ATS – Bradenton 941-708-5300 and ATS-Ellenton 941-722-0470!