Visit to set up your new secure portal. This new portal allows you and your preparer to ontainelectronic signature authorizations for Form 2848 Power of Attorney Forms. The electronic processing of these forms help to facilitate IRS Tax Resolution on even the most complex tax cases.

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  • View the amount you owe and a breakdown by tax year

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  • Learn about payment plan options and apply for a new payment plan
  • View details of your payment plan if you have one

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  • Make a payment from your bank account or by debit/credit card
  • View 5 years of payment history and any pending or scheduled payments

Access Tax Records

  • View key data from your most recent tax return and access additional records and transcripts
  • View your economic impact payment amounts
  • View digital copies of certain notices from the IRS

View Tax Pro Authorizations

  • View any authorization requests from tax professionals
  • Approve and electronically sign Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization from your tax professional

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