The opening day for filing 2022 Individual returns electronically is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2023.

ATS is excited to share the most current 2022 filing season information with our clients. The IRS released IR-2023-05, January 12, 2023, updating the IRS scheduled opening date to January 23, 2023. For more details please visit IR-2023-05.

Here are a couple of highlights

  • These steps took place as the IRS worked for months to prepare for the 2023 tax season. The January 23 start date for individual tax return filers allows the IRS time to perform annual updates and readiness work that are critical to ensuring IRS systems run smoothly. This is the date IRS systems officially begin accepting tax returns. Many software providers and tax professionals are already accepting tax returns; they will transmit those returns to the IRS when the agency begins accepting tax returns on January 23.
  • The IRS urges people to have all the information they need before they file a tax return. Filing a complete and accurate tax return can avoid extensive processing and refund delays as well as avoid the possibility of needing to file an amended tax return. For additional information visit the IRS make tax filing easier in 2023 page
  • In addition, the IRS encourages people to carefully review their tax situation to make sure they don’t overlook important tax credits they may be eligible for, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The IRS has set a special day on January 27 to encourage people to make sure they understand the important benefits of the EITC, a credit that can help low- and moderate-income workers and families.
  • April 18 tax filing deadline in 2023,  The filing deadline to submit 2022 tax returns or an extension to file and pay tax owed is Tuesday, April 18, 2023, for most taxpayers. By law, Washington, D.C., holidays impact tax deadlines for everyone in the same way as federal holidays. The due date is April 18, instead of April 15, because of the weekend and the District of Columbia’s Emancipation Day holiday, which falls on Monday, April 17.
  • Taxpayers requesting an extension will have until Monday, October 16, 2023, to file. ATS is here to help assist in filing your extension – send a request to Subject Line: Extension Request

Tips to help people with the 2023 tax season

  • Have the right information before filing. The IRS encourages individuals to have all the information they need before filing a complete and accurate return. Organize and gather 2022 tax records including Social Security numbers, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, Adoption Taxpayer Identification Numbers and this year’s Identity Protection Personal Identification Numbers valid for calendar year 2023.
  • Filing an accurate tax return can help taxpayers avoid delays or later IRS notices. Sometimes this means waiting to make sure individuals have accounted for all their income and the related documents. This is especially important for people who may receive one of the various Forms 1099 from banks or other payers reporting unemployment compensationdividendspension, annuity or retirement plan distributions.
  • People should also remember that most income is taxable, including unemployment income, interest received or money earned from the gig economy or digital assets. Individuals should make sure they report the correct amount on their tax return to avoid processing delays.
  • Self-employed/gig economy workers
    • Pull your annual gross sales statements/1099K/1099NEC – from your merchant examples: Ebay, Paypal, Etsy, Square, Clover, etc.
    • Pull the annual mileage reports from MileageIQ, Everlance or Similar app. Many of these apps allow for a download or export of the data to a PDF or spreadsheet format (.CSV, .XLS, Google Sheets).
    • Gather business expense receipts, auto maintenance records listing your odometer readings at the time of service, and don’t forget those cash receipts.
    • ATS has an easy to use spreadsheet available to organize your information in a standard format – ATS Bradenton clients may request a copy today
  • Rental owners –
    • Pull your annual gross revenue statements/1099K/1099NEC – from your merchant examples: Paypal, Square, Clover, etc.
    • Pull your annual rental statements/1099NEC from your property management or online booking companies. Examples: AirBNB, VRBO, or other 3rd party booking site.
    • If you do not have an online property management or booking site. ATS has an easy to use spreadsheet available to organize your information in a standard format – ATS Bradenton clients may request a copy today 

Visit first for questions. The IRS anticipates making significant improvements to phone service this year for taxpayers and tax professionals as more training for new phone assistors is completed in the weeks ahead. However, the IRS emphasizes it’s important to note that call volumes remain at historically high levels. The IRS urges people to visit for the information they need. “Our phone volumes remain at very high levels,” O’Donnell said. “For faster access to information, we urge people to start with From there, taxpayers can quickly access the variety of free resources available to help taxpayers anytime, day or night.”

Your ATS Bradenton team is looking forward to serving your filing needs this season – request to schedule your appointment today – beat the rush! Request an Appointment

Happy Filing!!!