Payroll Service

Finding the right payroll service provider can be a daunting task, who do you turn too to answer your questions? Tackling payroll on your own can be a challenge for businesses of any size. We are here to help implement a payroll strategy to fit your business needs. Need to train your staff on the proper payroll calculations and reporting? We are here to help you!

Not interested in handling your own payroll/payroll reporting in-house? Let us take the stress and the hassle out of payroll. We can handle your live payroll/payroll reporting needs at both the Federal and State Level.

    • Federal IRS Form 941 – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
    • Federal IRS Form 944 – Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return
    • Federal IRS Form 940 – Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA)
    • We can handle your State payroll reporting needs for all 50 States
    • New Hire Reporting, E-Verify and Background checks through Good Hire

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